Grants Programs and Donations in Italy

As part of the global grants program, Gilead provides support in Italy to researchers, doctors, patient associations and nonprofit organizations for the implementation of projects and initiatives to improve the knowledge, prevention, diagnosis and management of infectious and onco-hematological diseases. In addition, Gilead donates each year to NGOs committed to supporting and protecting people in conditions of social and economic hardship.

Grants Programs for Researchers, Patient Associations and Nonprofit Organizations in Italy

Gilead has four grant programs the Italian scientific community, the patient associations and the nonprofit organizations can access.

The Fellowship Program funds researchers working in Italian hospitals and universities, in support of the design and implementation of programs that improve the outcomes of disease and the quality of life for patients and programs that contribute to the achievement of public health goals.

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The Community Award Program supports Patient Associations, Federations, Foundations and Citizens' Associations in the design and implementation of improving the quality of care and assistance of patients.

Global Grants Opportunities fund work at a global and European level.

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Other Medical Grants include available funding or support in kind for the implementation of projects or initiatives that have high medical-scientific value and that do not fall within the three categories described above. Projects for the publication of data of scientific interest contained in pre-existing databases are allowed.

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